Rehab Impacts in Greater Cleveland
Rehab Impacts in Greater Cleveland 2009 - 2015

How To

TIme PLayer

At the lower left of the screen is the Time Player. The Time Player shows the completion of rehabs, month by month, year by year. It runs on a loop. Hit pause to stop it, play to restart. Zoom in on your area of interest and hit play. Or select the Layers you want to see and hit play. The Time Payer is only available when the Rehab Impact Layer is on.

Visible layers

Using the Visible Layers near the upper right of the screen allows you to customize your interaction. The layers show different attributes of the rehabs and their neighborhoods. Some of the layers only function while you are zoomed in.


Our study divides the observation area into four submarkets. The four submarkets are: Stressed Rental Areas, Special Rental Areas, Moderately Functioning Ownership Areas and Higher Functioning Ownership Areas. The submarkets are different kinds of neighborhoods. You can learn more about the submarkets in the full report.

Cuyahoga Bndry/Cleveland Bndry

Click the boundary layers to see or hide the Cuyahoga County and Cleveland boundary lines.


Turn on the Parcels Layer to see the individual parcel boundaries. You must be zoomed in to view the parcel boundaries.

Rehab Program

The rehabs are grouped into seven different programs: Community Development Corporation (CDC), Cuyahoga Land Bank (CLB) Deed-in-escrow, CLB In-house, Neighborhood Stabilization Fund (NSP), Opportunity Homes, Other, and Slavic Village Recovery. Turn on the Rehab Program Layer to see which program did each rehab.  When this layer is on, its legend will appear at the lower right corner of the screen.

Impact Area

Rehabs can have a significant impact on surrounding homes within about 500 feet. Turn on the Impact Area Layer to show the area within 500 feet of each rehab. Notice how some areas are impacted by more than one rehab.

Impact Table

Turning on the Impact Table Layer enables the Rehab Pop-up Stats. Once the layer is switched on, click on a rehab. The Rehab Pop-up-Stats will appear, and give you the following information: estimated impact on the surrounding homes, program, approximate date of completion, status in late 2015, and the submarket the rehab is in.

Rehab Impact

This layer shows the rehab impact by color. The darker the color, the greater the impact. When the Rehab Impact Layer is on, the Time Player will automatically run, but you can pause it. When this layer is on, its legend will appear at the lower right corner of the screen.

Search Bar

At the upper left is a search bar. Type in an address and city to locate an individual property.